Teeth whitening: how does it work?

Teeth whitening: how does it work?

Teeth whitening can make a noticeable difference to a person’s smile. We often hear about various methods of whitening our teeth, but some are better than others.

Over-the-counter products work well for many, but they are not suitable for everyone. At the Clinique dentaire Beaulieu, Lapointe et associés, we offer a treatment with trays that are customized and adjusted to the particularities of your teeth, in order to give you more uniform and satisfying results than the whitening strips in stores. A kit is provided with syringes of whitening gel (containing hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide) to take home. Simply apply a drop of product to each tooth in the tray and wear it for about 1 hour each day.

Can teeth whitening cause tooth sensitivity? It is possible to have increased tooth sensitivity with whitening, but it is temporary and often disappears after a few days of treatment. It is recommended to use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth such as Sensodyne or to temporarily stop wearing the trays in this case.

What results can I expect? Since the natural color of teeth varies from person to person, results may differ. The length of the treatment will also depend on the expected results. The effect of whitening usually lasts from 1 to 3 years, depending on the patient’s habits, but touch-ups are often brief.

Consult your dentist so that he or she can suggest a solution adapted to your needs and thus give you a radiant smile.

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