Cysts around impacted wisdom teeth

Cysts around impacted wisdom teeth

Among the risks associated with wisdom teeth, the development of a cyst around the tooth is one that needs to be monitored. When the wisdom tooth is not fully erupted into the mouth, in other words, when it is an impacted tooth, a cyst can grow around it. A cyst is a fluid-filled vesicle that develops in the jawbone and soft tissues near a tooth, particularly around impacted wisdom teeth. Among cysts, the dentigerous cyst is a common but benign one. However, it can grow to an impressive size and lead to certain complications. Tooth cysts can in fact become infected, and the infection can spread to other nearby parts of the body. Moreover, if the cyst grows to a large size, it is possible to lose teeth and fracture the jaw due to the pressure caused by the cyst.

The dentist can check whether a cyst is developing using a panoramic X-ray (see image). A larger cyst will also result in symptoms such as swelling, tooth sensitivity and tooth displacement in the affected area.

If a large dentigerous cyst develops around your wisdom tooth, it should be surgically removed at the same time as the impacted tooth. Drainage of the cyst may be necessary before surgery to reduce its size. A cyst may also recur some time later if cell debris remain in the site. However, the dental surgeon makes sure to remove the entire cyst to prevent it from resurfacing.

Tooth cysts are not uncommon, but can be successfully treated if caught early. That’s why it’s important to visit the dentist regularly to identify and treat these problems early.

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