Allodermal grafts: Training with Dr. Edward Allen

Allodermal grafts: Training with Dr. Edward Allen

Every dentist in Quebec is required to take a minimum amount of continuing education to keep up to date with advances in dentistry. It’s up to the dentist to choose the courses that interest him or her. For example, Dr. Annick Lapointe, owner of our dental clinic, decided to take the course on Minimally Invasive Soft Tissue Grafting for Teeth and Implants taught by renowned dental specialist Dr. Edward Pat Allen at the Center for Advanced Dental Education in Dallas, Texas.

This course was developed by Dr. Allen over 15 years ago for periodontists and dentists with surgical experience who wish to learn the latest techniques for soft tissue (gum) grafting. Today, it is recognized as the best course in soft tissue grafting, with over 2000 alumni worldwide.

During this 4-day course, alongside periodontists and other general dentists, Dr. Lapointe learned the latest surgical techniques for the treatment of gingival defects in teeth and implants, as well as minimally invasive suturing techniques developed by Dr. Allen using allografts and xenografts (grafts not derived from vital palates).

Today, as a result of this experience, Dr. Lapointe offers gum grafting treatments for her patients. If you think you may need a gum graft, don’t hesitate to contact Clinique dentaire Beaulieu, Lapointe et associés for more information.

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