Dental health and nutrition

Dental health and nutrition

Many of the foods we consume on a regular basis can not only be harmful to the body, but also to our teeth! Acidic foods are among the most problematic, especially energy drinks and carbonated drinks.

Consumption of these beverages leads to enamel erosion, which is the dissolution of the protective layer that covers the teeth. Indeed, soft drinks contain chemicals that wear down the tooth in an irreversible way. The acidic environment that is created after ingestion also promotes the development of dental caries. These drinks can also cause tooth discoloration. It should be noted that citrus fruits such as lemons also have the same effects if consumed in large quantities.

Saliva is the best defense against erosion caused by acidic foods, so it is important to drink water regularly to reduce acidity in the mouth.

Visit your dentist regularly to detect any signs of tooth wear and to take the necessary steps before irreversible damage is done to your teeth.

We strongly advise you to reduce your consumption of energy drinks and soft drinks, but also of sugary foods to avoid cavities!

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